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  • Our search packages
    ~ Connect all the dots in your organization
    + Index any document from any source
    + Link data across formats and system barriers
    + Ensure authorized access to all content
    ~ Help your customers increase your revenue
    + Guide customers to your products faster
    + Use domain information to improve findability
    + Learn from your users' search behavior
    ~ Maximize the potential of your web presence
    + Make information at all levels easily findable
    + Provide alternative ways to filter and explore content
    + Interlink site content with external sources
    ~ Create a single starting point for data discovery
    + Search in one place the contents of multiple web sites
    + Use novel grouping functionality to link data to their source
    + Analyze data to discover relationships
    + Ideal for company clusters, multi-site web setups, etc
  • State-of-the-art out of the box
    + Support for all common document formats
    + Language-sensitive text indexing
    + Pre-configured search-ranking optimizations
    + Pre-configured standard facets and filters
    + Rich visual presentation of results
    + Search statistics
  • Innovative added value features
    + Personalization and context sensitivity
    + Automatic extraction of semantic data
    + Improved search quality through natural-language processing
    + Deep analysis of content and search behavior
    + Advanced data visualizations
    + Centralized control of your search installation

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Domino hair cosmetics

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Hello Switzerland

Inspiration and information portal for Switzerland's international community of expats with a location-based search. Read on...

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