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How to boost employees’ productivity through a unified view of all enterprise data sources

Companies across industries are struggling with an unprecedented amount of data, with about 60% of employees finding it somewhat difficult to get the information they need to do their job well [1]. A well adjusted enterprise search solution ensures data is easy to access, thus enabling employees to extract the maximum value from the company’s information assets and use their time effectively to maximize productivity.

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AI-powered search experience

Time wasted and frustration of having to navigate through diverse knowledge systems can be minimized by means of an enterprise search solution. Semanteer offers a unified search across all internal data sources, makes it possible to integrate common enterprise information systems such as file systems, intranets, document management systems, emails, databases, and others.

  • New content is added to the search index in a timely manner through easy connection of popular enterprise systems via standardized interfaces and connectors
  • Language-sensitive analysis and indexing (the basic package supports English, German, French and Italian; as well as all common document formats)
  • Intelligent and fault-tolerant auto-completion including suggestions of results from various sources with configurable additional information
  • Accurate and powerful recommendations, tailor-made to the application domain or especially tailored to the users’ interests and preferences.

Insight driven decision making facilitated by 360-degree views

Information on issues, projects, or specific details can often be scattered across systems and organizational silos, making it difficult to get the full picture of a certain topic, situation or project.

Semanteer connects all of the dots within the organization by retrieving information from various systems, organizing the collected data, and therefore making information easily discoverable. Its semantic analysis of the content allows the assignment to projects, employees and the like – offering better usable insights from all around the organization.

Semanteer offers usable organizational insights, by semantically analyzing and connecting information retrieved from various data systems.
Easy access to projects, expertise and skills with Semanteer Enterprise Search Solution.

Locating expertise to improve collaboration and foster innovation

The knowledge and skills of employees are companies’ most important assets. Within rapidly evolving businesses, it is getting more and more difficult to know who has worked on similar problems in the past or whom to ask for advice within a specific field.

Semanteer enables access to institutional knowledge as well as expertise unique to individuals within the company. Connecting with people and ideas that were previously out of reach becomes possible, setting the stage for innovative ideas to evolve into actionable plans.

Knowledge support for an improved customer service

A huge amount of customer data is continuously being gathered by companies, making it inexcusable for customers to be treated like strangers at any point of contact. Therefore, it is crucial that customer service employees have immediate access to all relevant information about the customer, his products, previous issues, and the case at hand through a well-composed, unified view of information from CRM, ERP, PIM, or other information sources.

At all times, customer relations personnel has a complete picture of all customer interaction across channels and is able to make informed decisions for a quicker and easier case resolution, taking customer service to the next level, and thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Knowledge support for customer service employees through smartCC dashboard

In current times, your employees’ timely and easy access to your organization’s data and knowledge is more vital than ever.

Get in touch to find out how Semanteer can turn that from a liability to a competitive advantage.

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[1] 2021 | Panopto | Workplace knowledge and productivity report