smartCC Demo: Combining NLU and semantic business case modelling in customer care support

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SwissText and KONVENS Joint Conference  2020 is taking place on June 23-25, 2020, online and we are excited to be part of it:

In our demo, scheduled for  June 24 at 15:05, we will demonstrate how Contexity’s new product line, smartCC, can empower customer service workers through active facilitation. Our approach is centered around an AI assistant which “collaborates” with humans, taking over some of the most demanding tasks: analysing and structuring available information, monitoring and analysing live dialogue with customers, identifying user intent and support-case at hand, and intelligently and proactively delivering 360 degree views of the most relevant information, and appropriate next steps.

SmartCC brings together capabilities that stem from the fields of: information retrieval; natural language processing and understanding; semantic reasoning; and, automatic speech recognition. The connecting “glue” between, and at the same time the “orchestration basis” for, the comprising system services are semantic models of CC business cases. Our demo will concentrate on how Natural Language Understanding is driven by the aforementioned semantic models, to identify the status of ongoing customer-agent dialogues.

More information about the event’s program and registration is available on the SwissText conference’s page:

We look forward to seeing you there.

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