Good guidance is the key

to your success.

We are a dedicated team of experts and consultants in the fields of search, recommendations and personalization. We support you in evaluating and improving your solutions.

Stronger together

We rely on good partnerships. We work successfully together with web-agencies and e-commerce agencies as well as with our customers’ IT departments.


12 Steps we can advice you on

Creating custom search solutions can be a daunting task. What possibilities are there, what are their costs and implications, how do they actually map to your user requirements, are only some of the questions that you will need to answer on the way. Based on our extensive experience in the design and implementation of interactive systems, and in the development of customer-tailored search installations, we can provide you professional support with:


01. Business Case

Fully specify the business impact, required resource investment and support demands of different options


02. User Requirements

Find out what your users really need through principled requirements analysis methods.


03. Content Gathering

Decide the optimal processes and technical approaches to collecting your data and preparing it for indexing


04. Content Analysis

Define the types of processing that need to be applied to your data so that it can be searched in the desired ways


05. Index Design

Lay out your index structure, optimizing space requirements versus retrieval capabilities and convenience


06. Retrieval Models

Resolve how the information will be retrieved and what querying tools you will make available to users


07. User Experience

Create a visual and interaction blueprint for the search front end, maximizing usability and efficiency


08. Implementation & Integration

Turn your design into a fully realized front end, integrated with the rest of your systems


09. Deployment

Create the ideal infrastructure and processes for optimal performance and maintainability of the search components


10. User-based Evaluation

Perform grounded, real-world experiments with end-users to assess and improve your solutions


11. Monitoring & Analytics

Interpret your users’ search behavior to learn more about your data and how people want to use it


12. Iterative Improvements

Fine tune result ranking, retrieval models, performance and more, for an even more satisfying search experience

Development & Integration

We develop tailor-made Solutions that seamlessly integrate into your IT-Landscape 

For typical applications in your company we have the right Solution.

We skillfully implement special requirements. We accompany your project from requirements analysis through to launch.

Custom Search

Due to the steadily increasing amounts of data that modern systems have to manage nowadays, search has turned from an “Add-on” to a critical application’s component. We help you to get there.

Search for Mobile Apps

The core of many Apps is the retrieval of information from a server and their display taking into consideration the user’s location and interests. Combine the strengths of mobile platforms with a context- and location- sensitive search.

Search for the Web

The same information is often offered for navigation as well for exploration. Search offers the possibility to present content in a variety of ways,  exactly as you like. Functionality, which you have rightly been expecting for, is finally accessible.

Workshops & Trainings

We develop solutions in collaboration with you and train your employees.
System and Content Requirements Workshop

System- and Content- Structure Analysis, development of a technical concept including recommendations for action.

User Requirements and Search Experience Workshop

Requirements Analysis based on user stories, including conceptual design of functionality and interaction design (Mockups).

Analytics and Evaluation Planning Workshop

Definition of Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to measure the success of new solutions or improvements.

Tailored Workshops and Training

Specially tailored to your needs Workshops and Training Programs.