Personalized car search

Micardo is a young, car-crazy start-up aiming to develop the best car search engine in the world, with which anyone can easily and fast find their dream car at the best price.

Micardo indexes advertisements from the largest Austrian and German car platforms and thus allows cross-national comparisons of offers, taking into consideration personal preferences, import fees, etc.

We support Micardo to reach their goal, to become the best car search engine.

“Understanding offers” – Offers on the advertisement platforms, are analyzed, normalized in terms of prices, rated and indexed.

“Understanding customers” – Interested persons can form their search queries in a very intuitive manner and receive personalized recommendations.

“Bringing customers and offers together” – By means of sophisticated evaluation-and boosting- rules, the most relevant and matching ads are delivered to the customers.



Our Services

Consulting and development in the fields of Search, Recommendations, Personalization and Adaptivity

Consulting and implementation support in terms of System Architecture, Search Experience, Search Analytics and Evaluation