An orientation tool for startups in the region of Winterthur

The online portal Startup Guide Winterthur aims to assist new company founders in and around Winterthur in making their first business steps, by providing them with a curated selection of companies and organizations with products and services specifically aimed to startups. The portal is a sponsored, collective effort that aspires to foster and strengthen the region’s startup scene.

The Startup Guide Winterthur is based on our Semanteer Business Cluster Search Solution.

Collecting, extracting and indexing data –  the websites of the listed companies and organizations are regularly crawled and their pages’ significant content is extracted, analyzed and indexed.

Powerful business cluster search – the offerings of a virtual network of companies and organizations related to each other both thematically (useful information, products, services and support for starting up a new business) and geographically (in the region of Winterthur) are presented in a cohesive bundle, and in a way that makes it easy for interested persons to locate quickly the information that is most relevant to their (future) startup.

Intelligent auto-completion –  the portal offers a combination of type-ahead suggestions with fitting results and preview images of the organizations’ websites.

  • Technopark Winterthur
  • Entrepreneur Club ZHAW
  • ZHAW / Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • House of Winterthur

The portal of the Startup Guide Winterthur relies on our Semanteer Business Cluster Search Solution, which helps business clusters to increase their visibility and to foster synergies within the network and is developed in Switzerland.