Transfer knowledge – Search over the websites of all TECHNOPARK companies

The TECHNOPARK Allianz, with seven locations in Switzerland, provides a stimulating environment for future-oriented companies. In order to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology, a search portal has been created which, on the one hand, improves the TECHNOPARK companies’ findability and, on the other hand, increases the transparency with regard to the companies’ fields of activity and competences, thus promoting synergies and collaboration amongst them.

The TECHNOPARK alliance relies on our software Semanteer Cluster Search Solution.

Collecting, extracting and indexing data – the websites of the about 450 TECHNOPARK companies are regularly crawled, analyzed and their main page content is indexed.

Unstructured data – content is further analyzed and processed using Natural Language Processing. Example: extraction of the thematic fields in which the companies operate.

Structured data – annotated websites’ content, such as schema-based metadata like business cards, events, etc. are automatically extracted and displayed.


The Search Portal of Technopark Allianz relies on our Semanteer Business Cluster Search Solution, which helps business clusters to increase their visibility and to foster synergies within the network and is developed in Switzerland.

"We are very pleased with the new potential to search for companies, industries, people and/or technical terms within the Technopark-Allianz. With the introduction of Technopark search portal we can provide all Technopark-interested parties with a modern tool, the functionality of which allows to quickly, easily and comprehensively display up-to-date companies' data, based on their website information."

Karin LooserFoundation TECHNOPARK Zurich