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Offer the scientific community a platform to explore forthcoming research funding opportunities, identify required skills, semantically analyze and enrich with complementary available data, and foster synergies with potential collaborators.

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    What is sci-fund?

    Intelligent support for the discovery of funding opportunities and the steps leading up to a successful bid

    Base functionality

    • Retrieve research funding information, from multiple structured and unstructured sources
    • Semantically analyze the information, create knowledge graphs
    • Data enrichment with various scientific or research-related ontologies 
    • Provide advanced tools for searching and interacting the information

    Adding research profiles

    • Collect and analyze information about research of individuals and groups
    • Map that information to the same knowledge graphs
    • Provide tailored suggestions for funding opportunities and collaborators

    Want to know how sci-fund fits to your research organization?

    Our sci-fund platform stands for Swiss quality – it facilitates targeted retrieval and exploratory work in the research funding process.