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Tailored to fit your needs – Start from one of our standardized solutions or from scratch to arrive at exactly what you need. Our solutions engineers will guide you through the process of selecting the right products and components for your individual requirements.

connecting all dots in your organization

Enterprise Search

Do your employees spend a lot of time searching for important information on the intranet of your organization? Offer your employees a single point to easily find information from e-mails, databases, wikis, network shares and enterprise information management systems. Easy to configure and immediately operational, our Enterprise Search Solution enables you to instantly access your latest content.

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never lose another customer

Customer care

Delivering quality customer services at high efficiency is notoriously difficult. We help you empower your agents with an AI-backed, real-time assistant, which can "listen in" on conversations carried out through phonecalls, chat, email, or on social media, and provide live, intelligent support in case handling, by offering concrete and taking over tasks -- and doing so with a deep understanding of your business domain and processes.

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the right hand of medical researchers

Life sciences

Research in the life sciences can be daunting in terms of the amount and complexity of information that need to be considered at any point in time. We provide an advanced platform that allows you to collect and semantically analyze information from internal and external sources, so that it can be interactively explored for gaining insights, as well as used for your various formative and summative reporting needs.

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increase your revenue

E-Commerce Search

Increase your revenue and your shop's turnover with a modern and high-performant search. Intelligent auto-complete functionality which includes suggestions of categories and products, dynamic product filters, control over product boosting, and product recommendations are only some of the features which our E-Commerce-Solution offers out-of-the-box.

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increase visibility and foster synergies

Business Cluster Search

A powerful search solution for corporate sites and business clusters embodies great potential: the offerings of a group of businesses - related to each other either thematically or geographically - are presented in a cohesive bundle, which improves both the cluster's and the members' findability, while at the same time promoting know-how transfer and synergies among the members.

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maximize your web presence

Website & Portal Search

Offer the visitors of your website or portal a search experience as sophisticated as Google's or Amazon's. Intelligent auto-complete, customizable facets and dynamic filters as well as a for websites optimized result ranking are only some highlights. Standardized interfaces allow easy integration of data from common website- and content- management systems.

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tailored to your needs

Custom Search Solution for tailored applications

Special projects need flexible solutions. With Semanteer you have the opportunity to implement customized solutions – scalable and highly performant for any application domain.

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