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We are Contexity, a dedicated team of consultants and software developers specializing on search, recommendations, and personalization.

We have a profound understanding of users’ needs, which we expand and share with our clients with every new project.

We bring along decades of experience in research and industry, distilled in our products and services.

We offer a comprehensive package of products and services.

We work passionately for your success.

Alexandros Paramythis


Doris Paramythis

COO, Sales

We make great things every day

Our Products

Build highly sophisticated search experiences with modern search features and the capability to continuously self-improve by integrating your users' search behaviour.

Our Solutions

Our powerful software suite can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of modern websites and portals. Start from one of our standardized solutions and tailor it to arrive at exactly what you need.

Our Services

Offer your users content, products, and services that are perfectly tailored to their interests and personal preferences. We support you in evaluating and improving your current solutions.

 Our Memberships

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