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Intelligent auto completion
Facets and filters
Auto-filtering and auto-boosting

Intelligent auto completion

Get hold of your users already in the search box through an intelligent auto completion of words and phrases as well as suggestions of results accompanied by additional attributes and thumbnail images.

Faceting and filtering

Define facets and filters for attributes and categories for your content types such as popularity, price, brand, etc. Dynamic filters allow users to refine results and thus reach their target faster.

Auto-filtering and auto-boosting

"Red wine from France": Categories and attributes in search queries are automatically identified, whereby matching results can either be weighed higher or the matching filters can be activated accordingly.

Synonyms and query expansion

Do you speak your users’ language? Analyze your users’ search queries or make use of standardized “dictionaries” such as to enable your users to find matching results by synonyms, general terms, …

Fault-tolerance and auto-completion

Allow your users to make mistakes. An intelligent auto-completion forgives typos, such as swapped characters or spelling mistakes, and corrects them on user input. In the search results’ page “Did you mean…”-suggestions  can be offered.

Automatic Researching

In case a search has no results, the search query can be automatically expanded (by correcting search terms or the use of related or less specific search terms, etc.) so to lead to potentially matching results.

Advanced Geo-Search

Nowadays, search is frequently based on geographic data: we are looking for results "near by ..." or "in our vicinity". However, there are many applications that go beyond a simple radial search: we are interested to find cabins alongside a mountain path or hotels near the coastline of a lake. Semanteer Search recognizes geographic names, determines the shapes and performs the search on the basis of the geometrical figures (polyline, polygon,...) in combination with adjustable operations (such as buffering, simplification, ...).

Context-sensitive Search

The context of the search is a key factor in enhancing search quality and efficiency. Semanteer Search can incorporate various factors in order to adjust the search to the respective context such as from where the search was initiated (e.g. which website or category, etc.) or whether the user is using the search on his desktop computer or on his mobile phone.

Semanteer intelligence

selected feature highlights

«Tailoring everything to your users' needs»


With Semanteer you can generate user profiles by recording user actions from your systems and use them - combined with semantic findings extracted from content - to personalize content during the search as well as beyond - for independent applications.

Learning from users’ actions

When users search, filter results, click, etc. they provide plenty of implicit information about how relevant suggestions are to specific contexts. Our algorithms analyze these actions and learn how to adjust the ranking of results accordingly. Over time, the most relevant content is automatically promoted.

Feature-based recommendations

Content-based recommendations depend on the similarity of content characteristics such as brand and engine type of a car or distance and altitude difference of a mountain bike tour. With Semanteer Recommendations you can determine how the features and attributes of content correlate so as to deliver accurate and powerful recommendations.

Knowledge-based recommendations

In many areas, experts can easily determine which results are relevant in a given context or for specific user categories. We offer you the tools to capture expertise in different ways and formats and use it to influence search relevancy and to deliver tailor-made recommendations to the application domain.

Collaborative filtering recommendations

Sometimes it is not the content’s attributes or the expertise that matter but rather the behavior of users. Collaborative Filtering collects user interactions and traces hidden connections between users and content, in order to deliver recommendations tailored to the users’ interests and preferences.

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Extraction of semantic information

Automatic extraction of meaningful information from metadata or directly from unstructured text, such as the identification of persons, locations, products and their attributes, and much more. Use the information obtained to add a new level of sophistication to your search.

Automatic categorization

Use a variety of techniques - from simple keyword matching all the way to natural language processing - to automatically categorize your content and make use of the derived categories for faceting and filtering, navigation, boosting and much more.

Semantic reasoning

Go even one step further: with Semanteer intelligence it is possible to generate and traverse knowledge graphs, in order to better interpret the users' search requirements and to deliver highly relevant and structured results with razor-sharp accuracy.


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