An open business network – Promoting networking and synergies

Health Tech Cluster Switzerland is a network of manufacturers, suppliers, research and training institutions, service providers and investors in the field of health technology. The cluster unites companies, which are related to each other geographically and thematically, thus increasing their added value through networking and know-how transfer.

We have extended the online offer of HTCS by a member- and partner- directory with an integrated context sensitive search. The search portal supports targeted, topic-related search and networking.

Health Tech Cluster Switzerland relies on our software Semanteer Cluster Search Solution.

Data collection, extraction and indexing – the websites of approximately 240 manufacturers, suppliers, research and training institutions as well as service providers and investors in the field of health technologies are regularly crawled, the significant portions of the pages’ content are extracted and indexed in a language-sensitive manner.

Unstructured Data – the content is further analyzed and processed by means of Natural Language Processing. Example: Extraction of business fields in which the companies and institutions operate.

HTCS’s Search Portal relies on our Semanteer Business Cluster Search Solution, which helps business clusters to increase their visibility and to foster synergies within the network and is developed in Switzerland.

"The search portal offers our member companies and partners what they - consciously or unconsciously - were looking for: a tool with which they can perform quick and targeted searches for companies and their related information. Since the search is based on the content of the members' websites, information is always up to date. With the search portal we have 2 in 1: A member- and partner- directory, as well as an integrated context sensitive search. We are delighted!"

Stefan LeutholdCluster Manager, Health Tech Cluster Switzerland