Day-to-day baby care made easier for parents

MAMbaby is both an information portal and an e-commerce shop offering prospective and new parents useful tips as well as products of attractive design and medically proven functionality, aiming to support the individual development of each child and to make day-to-day care easier for parents.

MAM relies on our Website and E-Commerce Search Solution for language-sensitive analysis and indexing of products and descriptions in 20 different languages.

Outstanding search experience – Tailored to fit MAM’s online shop, auto-completion suggestions of categories and products along with thumbnail images as well as an optimized search setup help customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Multi-layer access authorization support Indexing, storage and retrieval of content takes access restrictions into account (using Access Control Lists). The search of MAMbaby supports different setups for visitors in the public area of the website, and for MAM Health-care professionals on the extranet.

Our services

Semanteer Website and E-Commerce Search

Setup and tailoring of the search solution

Consulting in the area of search



“With CONTEXITY we have a highly specialized partner for search solutions. Especially the professional advice is indispensable for our complex projects”

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