Knowledge search for electronic banking services

GRZ IT Center is one of the largest and most successful IT system houses in Austria with offices in Linz, Innsbruck and Salzburg. GRZ’s core business areas are its data center operation and the operation of decentralized hardware and software structures for banks to handle all business sectors/operational needs. The main customers are banking groups of Upper Austria, Tyrol and Salzburg.

For GRZ, we have developed a knowledge base for their electronic banking services to quickly find solutions to the issues at hand. The intelligent and accurate search is at the heart of the knowledge platform and the primary way in which employees access the knowledge base.

Multi-layer access authorization support – indexing, storage and retrieval of content takes access restrictions into account, providing each user group access to differentiated knowledge base contents, in accordance with the constraints embedded in the search index.

Targeted facets and dynamic filters – can be manually set but – more importantly – are automatically applied based on what the agents search for, which helps them to find faster what they are looking for, such as installation guides, recommended solutions, short infos, etc.

Intelligent auto-complete function – which guides employees directly to the most relevant answers so as to successfully respond to end users’ requests in no time.

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