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E-Commerce Search

Sophisticated and personalized product discovery that increases conversion rates and average order values.

Increase your revenue and your shop’s turnover with a modern and high-performant search that elevates your shoppers’ experience.

Intelligent auto-complete functionality which includes suggestions of categories and products, dynamic product filters, control over product boosting, and product recommendations are only some of the features that our E-Commerce-Solution offers out-of-the-box.

Enchant your customers straight from the search box

A few seconds decide whether visitors of your shop will become interested customers and buyers. As soon as the shoppers start typing the intelligent auto-complete function presents them with suggestions of categories and products along with price, thumbnail image, and other definable product information. As typing continues, products are dynamically updated ensuring that the most relevant ones for the customer are always at the top.

Allow shoppers to make mistakes

Make it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for, by offering them fault-tolerance features such as “Did you mean”-suggestions of search terms or auto-correction of typos and misspellings and therefore delivering the most likely set of products based on the customer’s query.

Speak to your shoppers in their preferred language

Take advantage of language-sensitive indexing of products and descriptions. The basic configuration provides English, German, French, and Italian, and supports all common document formats. Further language packages for more than 50 European and Asian languages are available as add-ons.

Optimize the browsing experience

Offer shoppers a multitude of facets and filters for product attributes such as brand, category, price range, color etc. to be able to refine their search and “drill down” in the set of search results. Utilize dynamic boosting to automatically reorganize filters and values for relevancy.

Optimized ranking

Tailor the search ranking by setting up automatic and custom rules to boost products and categories

Valuable insights

Advanced statistics and analytics regarding search and purchasing behavior of your shop visitors

Easy integration

Integrate data from your PIM, stock keeping system, and other systems through standard interfaces and connectors

Upgrade product search with rich content from all available sources

Enrich the set of results retrieved from your product catalogue with rich content such as buying guides, expert advice, video tutorials, or customer reviews, retrieved from other information systems such as your company’s portals, blogs, online community platform, social media pages, etc.

Eliminate “no matches found”

Avoid “No products found” by semantically matching customers’ search terms to your domain terminology, expanding queries with synonyms, broader terms or more. As a result, shoppers will be able to find products they are looking for even if their initial search terms don’t match the catalogue data. Frequently searched products, top categories, and so on are additional offerings which allow customers to quickly explore products of interest.

Maximize cart value with product recommendations

Tailor the experience and maximize average order value by suggesting compatible items, by recommending products based on previous browsing history or buying behavior, by items often purchased together, or complementary to each cart.

Analyzing product descriptions

Automatic extraction of attributes such as brand, category, price range, color etc from free text product descriptions

Self-improving over time

Automatic learning and context-sensitive adaptation on the basis of identified relations between search terms and products

Want to know how Semanteer E-Commerce Search fits to your business needs?

Benefits of Semanteer

Index everything from everywhere

Make use of best-of-breed search features

From installation to searching in minutes with our out-of-the-box search UI

Easy integration into your IT systems with our APIs and libraries

In-depth analysis and insights of users’ search behavior