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Enterprise Search

Semantic search across all enterprise data sources and documents for instant access to relevant information

Do your employees spend a lot of time searching for important information on the intranet of your organization? Do you need to make information from emails, web pages, databases, wikis, network shares, and enterprise information systems searchable from a single place?

Our AI-powered search platform Semanteer brings together all the functionality to collect, extract, enrich and search information, enabling optimal access to the information in your organization – easy to configure and ready to use.

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… connecting all dots in your organization

connects data from all sources with semantics & AI
overcomes data quality problems
all information up-to-date and centrally available
offers 360° views over all channels
gathered enterprise knowledge directly usable

Collection & Extraction

Easy integration

of data from popular enterprise information systems through standard interfaces and connectors*

Up-to-date content

New or changed content is promptly and automatically added to the search index („delta updates“)

Language-sensitive analysis

The basic configuration supports English, German, French, and Italian, and all common document formats

Semantic analysis

Automatic extraction of semantic information, as well as mapping to projects, employees, clients, etc.

Search & Monitoring

Semantic search

Easy access to relevant results from various sources and configurable additional information

Dynamic filters

for sources, categories and attributes such as employee, document type etc. Highlight is the interactive timeline filter

Targeted recommendations

tailored to the application domain and especially to the users’ interests and preferences

Detailed analytics

The search itself, but also the monitoring of search behaviour, opens up valuable insights for the company

Flexible & scalable

*Supported Systems: databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Postgresql, MySQL, etc.; local and company network shares; cloud systems (such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc.); email-repositories (Microsoft Exchange Server, IMAP oder POP3); RSS / Atom feeds; Wikis; common content-, record-, document- and enterprise-management systems (Atlassian, Alfresco, Day, EMC, HP, IBM, Magnolia, OpenCms, OpenText, Oracle, SAP, SharePoint, TYPO3 and more).
*Supported Connectors: JDBC, SAMBA, DFS, HDFS, Java Content Repository API, IMAP, POP3, CMIS etc

Access rights

Semanteer Enterprise Search allows employees to access information according to their permissions.


Search and recommendations can be seamlessly integrated into your enterprise systems via our software libraries and REST API.


Choose to deploy on your own server, hosted for maximum convenience or in the cloud for maximum scalability.

Want to know how Semanteer Enterprise Search fits to your business needs?

Benefits of Semanteer

Index everything from everywhere

Make use of best-of-breed search features

From installation to searching in minutes with our out-of-the-box search UI

Easy integration into your IT systems with our APIs and libraries

In-depth analysis and insights of users’ search behavior