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Major new features:

  • Newer Solr versions: Support for the latest 8.x and 7.x versions of Apache Solr
  • Multi-configuration calls: It is now possible to simultaneously activate more than one search configurations in a single call, opening the way to separation of concerns in the configurations
  • New knowledge graph backend: Semanteer knowledge graphs now use an improved and faster neo4j-based implementation, with neosemantics as the bridge to semantic capabilities
  • Nested record facets and filters: Support for faceting and filtering over child documents (nested records) using a new configuration component
  • New standardized installation: Semanteer is now even easier to install and manage, while maintaining the single-archive deployment approach

Updates and enhancements:

  • Additional control over spellchecking and auto-completion settings, both on a search configuration basis, and on a per-call basis
  • Recommendations based on content-based similarity now support a wider range of structured fields, as well as additional algorithms for determining the similarity of text fields

Important fixes:

  • Results of more-like-this searches now always conform to the constraints of the active search configuration(s)
  • Fixed side effects for setting and removing dependent filter actions
  • Fixed multi-level sorting on FacetHierarchyComponent
  • Fixed upload limit for large polygon data in GeoqueryComponent