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Digitalization and automation of customer care procedures in finance

Outstanding customer support is a fundamental prerequisite for customer retention, across every business domain. As digital channels become the main point of contact and customer care employees struggle to handle a constantly escalating number of increasingly complex requests, tailoring customer support to the business domain’s specific data and processes is the best way to improve both customer and employee experience. The following video showcases how smartCC supports customer service requests in the financial sector: from modeling a business case across channels to handling a customer request that comes in via email.

(For our non-German-speaking audience we would be happy to arrange a live demo or a one-to-one meeting to discuss the content of the video in English.)

smartCC is an intelligent omni-channel assistant for customer service that stands out for its natural and semantic language understanding and introduces a novel approach to business case modelling. Hence, it allows businesses to capture their institutional knowledge and processes, creating a powerful foundation for handling their customer requests efficiently and in the best possible way.

Finance is not the only sector that can benefit from smartCC’s potential. Get in touch to find out more about the competitive advantages smartCC can bring to your business domain!